My good friend Jodi, loves adventure. You could say it’s her main soul purpose. She designed her life around freedom, travel, and service. Jodi has an incredible knack to live life to the fullest regardless of her work situation or the amount of money in her bank account. She has experienced international travel adventures on a shoe string budget, while still making incredible memories.

However, for the last year and a half Jodi has been fighting a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She is a fierce Warrioress, never letting the cancer stop her. When cancer put a kink in her adventure plans, she found ways to shift gears and have fun anyway. Sadly, just when Jodi thought she was in remission, her cancer came back with a vengeance and now her time is very limited.

Here’s a photo of my husband Dana, Jodi, and I at her Celebration of Life Party (Yes - you read that correctly - a celebration of life party with the guest of honor present!) 

I’ve told you about the adventurous side of Jodi, but I’d also like to tell you about her enormous heart and her grit. Anything she puts her mind to do, she does. After years of a career in project management she decided enough was enough, so she quit her job. Being the animal lover she is, she started a pet sitting business which became a huge success. Years later, after she was diagnosed with cancer she had to close that business, but that didn’t stop her, nope not Jodi, she eventually started Thrive Travels, a non-profit to help cancer survivors experience travel adventures. Fortunately, a couple of her friends have decided to take over Thrive Travel, so Jodi’s dream can live on.

Jodi truly is an incredible woman. Even with the dismal prognosis, she continues to have fun making memories, celebrating her life, surrounding herself with friends and family, fitting in adventures anyway she can get them. But mostly she inspires. Her strength, courage, and positive attitude leave her friends in awe. She has touched our lives in a way in which we will never be the same.

There’s a new hashtag among her friends - #LiveLikeJodi

So in honor of Jodi, I ask you, are you creating adventure in your life? We all have unique soul purposes or missions on this Earth, we actually have a number of them. But one that is consistent with every single one of us, is to experience being human and all of which that entails. How better to experience this magnificent planet we live on then to explore, travel, and seek out new adventures?

Are you living your fullness? Are you finding adventures? Are you making time for fun and play?

I urge you to make the most out of your time here. Be playful. Explore. Go have adventures. And please don’t use my favorite excuse of “it’s not a good time to go to Italy.” (There’s NEVER a perfect time). Or “When I lose this 20 pounds I will go on that cruise.” Hmm, does this one sound familiar? Or “I don’t have the money.” There are plenty of ways to travel, even internationally, with a lot less money than you think. When Jodi traveled over seas she stayed at Airbnb’s, and she found incredible deals and fabulous places. Open up to new possibilities, drop the excuses, and live your life to the fullest. Because this is the what’s at the heart of your purpose here.

Much love and adventure,



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