We have serious challenges on the Earth today, and many of these challenges have a common denominator - The Patriarchal structure and mindset. Through the Patriarchal structure there is no harmony of the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine. The Divine is lost. Pondering this predicament I decided to go into my Akashic Records and have a heart to heart with my Guides. I wanted to know more. So here is my channeled conversation with them.

Me: Let’s talk about the Patriarchy.

My Guides: “The patriarchy was formed out of fear. There are only two primary emotions –  fear or love – and the Patriarchal system was created out of fear. Once religion came into the picture, fear entered as well. Self righteous spirituality took a hold of the reigns. With religion also came the closed minds, the walls, the tunnel vision, the right vs wrong. This is where polarity came in full force and played a dominant role in the energy of your planet.

The more people pushed against it, the more they pulled it towards themselves. You see religion created the Patriarchal system and structure you see in your world today. But it has grown beyond a system, a structure, it has grown beyond a mindset, it has evolved to a genetic truth of humans. The energy of the Patriarchal structure is now embedded in your genes, this is why it has shown to be so difficult to overcome.”

Me: What is the reason for it?

“The reason why your DNA evolved to include the information of Patriarchal dynamic is two fold. 1) It teaches you that you are fluid beings on this planet, capable of change and transformation. Take prehistoric humans for example, they were very primitive. And you might say they had the Patriarchal mindset. But they did not. How history shows them, where the man was dominant, wasn’t Patriarchal, it was a behavior linked to the animal kingdom. This is because genetically they were not too far removed from their distant cousins – the apes. Survival is key in the animal kingdom, and this was imprinted in early human’s DNA.

As humans evolved so did the capacity to learn. So did the capacity to think and reason. Logic became prevalent to the expansion of the human race. As the mind expanded, humans began to tap into more and more knowledge from the cosmos/ the universe. You realize that all knowledge has always been there for you to perceive, hear, see, and KNOW. As your brains grew and evolved to handle finer intricacies of information and became more and more able to process this information with a wider vantage point, new ideas sprung up. Relationships were seen differently. However with this expansion of the knowledge and the tapping into universal wisdom, this paved the way for deeper thought processes and exploration over roles, society, God, family, birth, death, life after death, right, wrong, evil, good. You see this is how polarity was born. The expanded mental capacity opened up a whole new way of judgement. Before, in early human times, the only things being judged was safety or danger. That was their world view – it was survival point blank. But now with the expansion of your mind, it opened up a whole new world of judgement. You practiced your judgement and played with judgement and saw that judgement helped you to formulate your plan. You would see another person and instantly judge this person as being a safe person or a dangerous person. Naturally humans didn’t consciously think this at the time, but this is what is at the heart of all judgement, even today. Once again it points directly to the survival instincts of prehistoric humans.

Flash forward to today - your world view. You look at the political scene and you judge the left or the right. You may not perceive that your judgement is based on survival, but at the heart of every judgement lies the same theme – safety or danger.

Ah but we’ve gotten a bit off track. Anyway you see where we are going with this. When the human mind began to evolve and expand – and they began to ask questions of their existence – they tapped into Spiritual truths. But because they had the genetic memory of survival based judgement, it colored their view. Safety vs danger translated to Good vs Evil. Knowledge discovered about God and all of her (god is neither he nor she) messengers like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, etc were merely bits and pieces of the ultimate truth. So humans began piecing together information as if it was a quilt that they could lay out and complete. Truth be told, the knowledge is so infinite you could never have a complete picture of God. Not with your 5 senses and in the physical form that you are in. So you see, religions began to be formed. Judgement was worn like a badge of honor. And interpretations of universal knowledge began to be widespread. The interpretations were based on culture, race, nationality. What occurred with the birth of religions was the misinterpretation of this knowledge.

The Patriarchy was born.”

Me:  What’s the second reason for the Patriarchal genetic pattern in our DNA?

“The second reason is so that you learn how to know God. You see why would you want to know God if everything you knew on Earth made sense. If everything was roses and rainbows, peace and love, and harmony. You see your collective soul – of every human on planet Earth – desires to REMEMBER God. You see in non physicality you completely know God, and you were well aware of losing that relationship once you took physical form. But you haven’t really lost the relationship, you simply have forgotten it.

Collectively you devised a way to know God, a part of this is through the disharmony that the Patriarchal system, mindset, and genetic memory elicit. The other part of it is in the striving to find the harmony once again. And that my dear is the awakening of the Divine – in both Feminine and Masculine Form!”

Stay tuned for more on this subject!