Tammy DuckworthYes, America really did elect Donald Trump on November 8, 2016. As you were sitting in your cozy living room chair on the morning of November 9, sipping your coffee, you may have been thinking about what transpired the night before, asking yourself if it could be true? Yes, unfortunately, it is true. You have not awakened from a bad dream. I’m not here to talk about all the political or socioeconomic reasons how that could have happened just one year after the Supreme Court decision gave marriage equality the legal thumbs up, or six years after President Obama did what no other president could do before him, and that was sign into law the Affordable Care Act. What I would love to shed light on is how the Divine Feminine is rising as indicative of the political scene.

As we take a look at politics you may be thinking to yourself – how in the world is there anything Divine about politics?! And I can relate to this perspective as well. But let’s not lose sight of what we are seeing unfold in front of us – more and more women are moving into positions of political power, as well as private sector and corporate leadership. Women are breaking glass ceilings. Even though Hillary Clinton didn’t win the Presidency, she actually won the popular vote not the electoral vote, this fact alone in itself is historic, but there were seven other women who made history that night.

Nevada elected Catherine Cortez Masto, making her the first Latina senator. Illinois elected Tammy Duckworth, the second Asian-American senator, she’s also the first female Senator to be a combat veteran, she lost both of her legs while serving her country in Iraq in 2004. Kamala Harris was elected for Senate from California, she’s the second African American woman elected to senate and the first Indian-American senator. Pramila Jayapal, from Washington, is the first Indian-American woman to be elected to the House of Representatives. In Florida, Stephanie Murphy’s election makes her the first Vietnamese-American to get elected to the House. Ilhan Omar, was elected at the state level in Minnesota, she is the first Somali-American Muslim female legislator. And then there’s the election of Oregon’s governor Kate Brown, making her the first openly LGBT governor in the U.S.

When I lose hope, throw a pity party, and cry in my coffee, I have to stop and think about the progress we are seeing and the history that is being made.

There is an undeniable balance in the universe. It is because of the Law of Polarity that we experience the depth of our feelings by understanding what the opposite feels like. We cannot truly know darkness, unless we experience the light. We couldn’t conceptualize warmth if we didn’t feel cold.

Because of the Law of Polarity we are able to live more fully, experiencing the intensity of our emotions, sensing the highs and the lows, the happy and the sad, the despair and the victory. It is the human experience in which we crave when we are at the soul level of our existence. We elect to come into the physicality of human form to understand experientially what it is like to BE.

As we are here on this planet, we are Spiritual beings having a human experience. Within our psyche we embody both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine archetypal energies.

Within this delicate balance of the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are various archetypes. The six archetypes of the Divine Feminine are Goddess, Queen (Mother), Priestess, Warrioress, Lover, and Wise Woman. The six archetypes of the Divine Masculine are God, King (Father), Priest, Warrior, Lover, Sage.

For centuries, all across our planet, the Divine Feminine has been oppressed, and removed from the place of honor and respect due to the dominant and dysfunctional patriarchal culture. Because this patriarchal system feeds into the ideology of masculine superiority, at the very deepest of levels, including the genetic and ancestral levels, women are faced with great adversity when they strive to reawaken the Divine Feminine.

When women come forward owning their Divine Feminine truth this threatens many men who haven’t embraced the Divine within themselves. Instead we see, not only men, but women resisting the empowerment of the Divine Feminine in all her glory. Behind the resistance is fear – fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of relinquishing control and a false sense of empowerment.

This election has been a perfect example of resistance to the empowerment of women at the presidential level. Just look at who America elected as her president, a very controlling and dominant narcissistic man who thinks he can do whatever he pleases to women. He can cross boundaries because he has the sense of entitlement to do so. This is a perfect example of the primal Neanderthal DNA rearing it’s ugly head. We carry our ancestry with us, but it’s up to us to rise above to lead from Spirit and not from the cave.

When more and more women are in leadership positions, the more acceptance will happen and the less resistance we will see. When we reach 1% of all nations leaders and government officials being women, we will have reached a critical mass and I believe that is when we will begin to experience powerful shifts in consciousness.

When the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are manifesting in healthy and balanced ways humanity wins. Currently on our planet, in every region, we are out of balance. The masculine is dominant and from what history tells us, it has been since the existence of the men and women. We have grown restless with the patriarchal system. It no longer serves our needs as we are evolving and growing as a collective group of conscious souls.

The good news is that the Divine Feminine is awakening.

Even though in the United States we haven’t yet elected our first female president, other countries have. I have to wonder if other nations have fought this shift as vigorously as many of the people have fought it here in the U.S.

In order for the planet to heal we need a balanced dance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine must come forth in healthy ways, expressing the energies in true form of the Divine.

Before this balanced and healthy dance can occur the Divine Feminine must rise through the rubble, facing opposing forces and fearful energies. This is why we see the Warrioress archetype more dominantly rearing her head – it is out of necessity. All six of the archetypes are present, but the archetype needed at the moment will be the one most visible.

In my work as a Spirit Mentor and Akashic Consultant, I am seeing many women being called to help others rise through the rubble and reawaken their Divine Feminine. It is an exciting time to be alive on Earth. Not only are the shifts visible, but they are indicative of the change we will be seeing in our world, and eventually in our collective consciousness. The transformation we will be seeing will also be of the Divine Feminine and it’s role as the co-creator. It may not appear like this will be the case in our lifetime, but rest assured we are headed in that direction. The signs are all around us. Women are refusing to be oppressed and silenced. In Middle Eastern Countries women are taking bold steps towards their empowerment, even if it means that they are placing themselves in grave danger. Women are craving connection and meaning in their lives. Women are stepping in to their power in grander ways. They are speaking their truth in larger numbers than ever before. The Divine Feminine has been awakened.

But we still have work to do.

Now is the time to roll up our sleeves, and continue to call forth the energy of the Divine Feminine. Lead from the heart with strength, confidence, and courage.

For those of you called to get involved in public service, now is the time!

For those feeling the desire to help empower other women, go for it! We need you!

For those wanting to teach peaceful resolution strategies, do it! For those needing to speak your truth in your own unique way, we honor you and stand by you in unity!

When the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine emerge to dance in symbiotic union we can expect the Divine Masculine to be fearless, courageous, and loyal. Even though he’s the protector, he does no harm and he is not threatened by the feminine power. He is not afraid of the unknown. He embraces the Divine Feminine and knows that together they are more apt to be a vessel of healing and growth.

When the Divine Masculine works in harmony with the Divine Feminine they can heal and create anything! Total synergy emerges and the creation of a new outlook for the health and well being of humanity.

It is with great optimism that with the rise of the Divine Feminine – through exhibiting a healthy balance of all six archetypes, the Divine Masculine will emerge collectively. We will see the shifts from the “survival oriented patriarch” to the healthy Divine Masculine essence which understands that a peaceful, healthy, and happy society requires a collaborative and symbiotic approach with it’s counterpart, the Divine Feminine.

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