What is Feminine Powered Prosperity and Purpose ?

  • You’re more fulfilled
  • You’re achieving success authentically and on your terms
  • You’re living your soul’s purpose confidently
  • You’re making the money you desire
  • You are more empowered because you’re consciously igniting and embodying your Divine Feminine energies.

Are you ready to have more Feminine Powered Prosperity and Purpose?

First of all Prosperity is more than money.
Prosperity = Money + Success + Purpose + Fulfillment.

When one area is misaligned, it could effect your overall prosperity. In the Feminine Powered Prosperity & Purpose Reading we will examine all 4 Prosperity Points listed above, as well as Patriarchal influences, your Divine Feminine energies, subconscious blocks that may be standing in your way. This reading will also dive into a 3 month projection into the future along with actionable steps you can take right now to shift your energy around prosperity and make more money, have success and fulfillment on your terms, all while living your soul’s purpose. Even if you’re not completely sure what your purpose is, it should become clearer after this reading.


Here’s What You’ll Discover in this Reading:

The Details:

This reading is a uniquely personalized 10 -11 page intimate guide delivered to you via Email.

As a Bonus, Included at no additional charge is a follow up phone or Skype chat to clarify any questions you may have. (This call must be scheduled within 14 days of delivery of the reading.)

Please allow up to a week for delivery.


I Cordially invite you to experience more prosperity in your life


Are You In?

$ 333

I was blown away by my recent Ignite Your Feminine Power Prosperity Reading with Maryann. Since I had been feeling pretty prosperous and in touch with myself, I didn’t really expect to gain more than validation and confirmation from the reading, maybe a little advice for improvement. WOW was I wrong! Not only did she reveal patriarchal issues blocking my prosperity which I thought I had resolved LONG AGO in my life, but also I received keen insights on actionable steps to take in my business to draw in even more success and in this case… money!

What was revealed to me were unexpected insights which really twisted my perspective on things upside down… in the very best way! I expected to hear that my blocks were self-inflicted, what I didn’t expect was the deeply rooted CAUSE of those blocks to be revealed. Maryann shared with me energetic blocks still connected to the messages I received from my father as a child around my gifts and how I might use them to be successful. In addition, I learned that my biggest blocks were not around money, as I suspected, but around my perspective of success!

More than just revealing blocks, I also gained actionable steps to take to draw more prosperity into my life right now! Including advice from the Divine feminine, the Sacred Sister called the Wise Woman. Now I know that she would not allow scarcity mindset to drive her actions; she sees the big picture and understands what creating quickly and with purpose, intent and JOY can do to boost long term prosperity. Not a short game I’m in here, but a vision to impact the world for generations and beyond. I can’t recommend highly enough that you have a prosperity reading with Maryann! It has me feeling lighter, more focused, clear on my direction AND clear on what energetic blocks I want to work on releasing too!

Loreen M

I am SO impressed with Maryann’s Prosperity Reading.  I was feeling pretty rejected and down about the possibilities of building my coaching business.  When I received my reading, it felt so on target, I couldn’t believe it.  I knew some of it should resonate but this reading talked about my Patriarchy blocks about diverting my worth to the men in my life.  I was always proud of being an independent woman, yet since retirement I have given away my power.  The reading shared how I need to trust my Feminine more which was so right on as that has been my work this year.  Another area that blew me away was where it talks about the way I labeled success.  The reading was powerful.  It addressed areas in my life I needed to see, and now I better understand why things weren’t moving, how I was stuck.  I loved the opportunity and love the suggestions on utilizing the guides to help me move forward and live the dreams I have.  Thank you, Maryann

Dottie H

What a beautiful, beautiful reading! It is incredibly profound and insightful! I have to tell you this is one of the most accurate readings I’ve had with regard to my blocks, current situation and the amazing possibilities and future that lies ahead as long as I step into my power and take action.  What I loved the most were the specific recommendations and advice on what to clear, how to do it and suggestions and creative ideas for action steps to take to move forward. I cried when I read my final message from my Akashic guides. I truly feel loved and supported.   

Cheryl C

I Cordially invite you to experience more prosperity in your life


Are You In?

$ 333

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Disclaimer: Divinatory Readings are for spiritual exploration and entertainment only. Please seek trained professionals for licensed therapy, medical treatment, legal or financial advice. All sales are final.

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