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Have you ever had those incredible synchronicities happen in your life where you feel like there’s some grand Magician in the heavens who’s orchestrating a series of events seemingly just for you? Well these events aren’t random. The opportunities or “coincidences” that are appearing is the handiwork of your Opportunity Guides.


I’d love to share a story about my niece Stacey. Stacey is an incredibly hard working woman who never stopped following her dreams. Her line of work is film production. She started off working at Disney World on the Grand Prix Raceway attraction. Then she moved up into convention planning.


But with Stacey, she wasn’t about to settle.


She decided to take the leap and follow her dream.


Once she decided leave Disney’s employ, and go all in with her freelance production business, the offers began rolling in, including production projects with Disney! But one offer stood out among the many…and that was a gig with the US Government producing corrosion videos. This one gig has basically transformed her life! The US Government is now one of her biggest clients.


How did Stacey, a solo entrepreneur, land such a contract? Well it all started from a chance encounter at a Star Trek convention, you see she’s a total Star Trek fanatic! Every year she attends these conventions without fail. One year, dressed to the nines in one of her many Star Trek costumes, she met a man who was in charge of the corrosion projects with the US Government. Turns out, he’s a Trekkie too, and the rest is history.


Not only is Stacey living her dream, but she also has been able to integrate her Trekkie love into her work. She’s hired on LaVar Burton to narrate the educational videos. He has been working with her for years now on this ongoing project. Stacey probably never would’ve imagined in her wildest dreams that she’d be working with an actor from the Star Trek series, but the universe works in magical ways, doesn’t it?

You see, this magical sequence of events didn’t happen by chance.

A door of opportunity was open because Stacey took actions that were in alignment with her soul’s purpose. Once she did that, her Opportunity Guide (a Spirit Guide, who’s main job is to assist you in opening doors of opportunity for your soul’s purpose) went to work!


According to my Opportunity Guide, once you release fears, false beliefs, and illusions, they know that you’re ready to step fully on your path, and that’s when they begin to work their magic for you!


If you’re interested in learning more about your soul’s purpose or would like to learn about your personal Opportunity Guide and the message he/she has for you click here to schedule a session with me.

Have a beautiful day filled with Magic and Miracles!


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