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29290102_mlLove, Love, Love…Love is all you need

We all have individual soul purposes for being here on Earth at this present time, but the one thing that we all have in common is that we are all beings of light and love. We are connected to one another in ways that go way beyond the roles that we play. The Universe is quite a magical place and we all have chosen to dance with one another on this stage.

They say the happiest people on the planet are the ones who have the least (materially). As much as money is abundant in the Universe, and is something incredibly fun to have, and yes, we all know it makes life easier, ultimately love is what makes our presence here filled with meaning and purpose!

The challenge we face in the world today, is to feel the love at all times, even during times of stress and pain, and especially towards those who “do us wrong”. What if “our enemies” are really our greatest Spiritual lovers? Would it be easier to love them if you knew that they came here and caused you stress or pain, because they loved you so much and they wanted to honor a soul agreement with you? Yes, that can be mind blowing!

What about romantic love and soul mates? Do you believe that there’s one special soul mate for each of us, or do you believe there are a number whom we could connect with to fulfill various soul purposes. The love between two romantic partners can radiate the most powerful positive energy, and yet when two people come together and they are toxic for one another, this can create disharmony and dysfunction to those around them, that’s how connected we all are.

So I ask you - are you desiring more harmony, peace, and love in your life?

Are you yearning to attract your soul mate?

Are you experiencing blocks to happiness, harmony, love, and peace?

Clarity, Clearing, and Healing are necessary for transformation in any area of your life. It starts with small shifts, that’s how we grow and expand our hearts!

I have found that some of the best ways to initiate these shifts are through Akashic Records readings/clearings, Intuitive EFT, meditation, Law of Attraction work, energy work, and Ho’Oponopono.

Now, let’s talk about Pets! They love us unconditionally, and to experience this kind of love is incredibly powerful. Animals are the innocents of the world and we are here to protect them. Did you know that animals, also have Akashic Records? Yes indeed, every soul in the Universe has an Akashic Record. Getting an Akashic Records reading for your furry friends, is a great way to understand what’s going on with them, your connection to them at the soul level, and the mission or soul agreement the two of you have. If you’d like to learn more about Akashic records, click here.

Since love truly makes the world go around, would you care to join me in a Love Fest Challenge?

Let’s collectively make this planet a better place….What’s one thing you can do today to spread love? Perhaps sharing a compliment or a smile? Maybe buying a stranger a cup of coffee. How about donating some of your time or money to your local animal shelter?

Then let’s take it up a notch, how can we make the Love Fest Challenge a way of life? I’d love to hear your ideas and stories of sharing the love.

The more love we can give collectively, the more shifts we’ll see on our planet.

Much love to you,



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