35335993_mlAs you know, energy is powerful, and many times all it takes is the slightest shift in your vibrational frequency for things to change in your life!

I have been a student of new thought and metaphysics for over 30 years, and when I stumbled upon the book “The Secret”, I thought I had found all my answers to life’s problems. But like many others before me and after me, I found out that Law of Attraction is powerful and it works to our benefit, but only some
of the time.

Have you experienced the same thing? There are times that, no matter what you do, or how hard you try to shift your vibration, you keep getting the same results?

Me too! So after great contemplation, it finally dawned on me…with Law of Attraction the desires are coming from the ego, not the Soul. The energy vibration work is based on emotions, also on the same physical level. Law of Attraction doesn’t take into consideration your Soul’s desires.

Your soul’s desires will override your conscious ego desires all the time!

This is why Akashic Records work is so extremely powerful. You can gain so much clarity from one Akashic Reading, that it can shift your energy frequency. You can also gain knowledge on the best way to proceed to achieve the maximum results. Having Soul Clarity is extremely powerful and transformative.



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