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Akashic & Angelic Insight reading by email


An Akashic & Angelic Insight Reading is a 3-4 page report which will give you clarity, insight, inspiration, and an understanding what is going on at the energetic and soul levels.

Many times when we face problems in our lives there is a deeper meaning behind it. There may be soul contracts involved, energy disruptions, past life or ancestral patterns, subconscious beliefs that are at the heart of the issue, or vibration alignment situations to name a few. When you gain a deeper understanding as to what is going on from the soul’s perspective you can then move forward.

What this reading is not:  A psychic reading or a fortune telling prophetic reading.

What you can expect from this reading: Clarity, insight, understanding, and messages/tools to transform your situation or clear any blocks that may be involved with your specific issue you are seeking guidance on.

I will access your Akashic records (permission to enter your records is implied once your purchase your reading, and it is only used for this reading. at no other time will I enter your records without your explicit permission and consent). During the reading, I will connect with your Akashic Record Guides as well as any Angels you have around you that would like to communicate with you and give you guidance for your specific issue at hand.


These email readings are for one main question, and for a couple general off shoots of the main question. Open ended questions are best, rather than “yes/no” style questions. Be as specific as you can, the more specific the question, the more specific the answer.

Some examples of questions:

Why am I facing <specific circumstance> in my life and what is the best way for me to move forward and clear this energy dynamic?

Why do I repeatedly attract the same kind of romantic partner in my life and what is the best way to change this pattern?

What do I need to know about my situation with ___, and what is the best way to deal with this person?

What are some things I can do to attract my soulmate, and what do I need to know about my current situation surrounding my love life?

Money has eluded me for quite a while, what do I need to know about this, and what can I do to change it and allow in more financial abundance in my life?

Please note:  If during your reading I uncover that your issue stems from a past life, I will note it for you, however issues that need to be resolved by looking into the past life origination are best handled by a phone or Skype reading. If that situation comes up in your reading I will touch upon it and will ask how can you clear it in this life. Your guides may or may not see the need for you to have a live reading to go into the details of the past life, but merely give you tools to clear it outside of your records. Any suggestions I receive I will pass on to you. If a phone reading is suggested by your Guides, I will apply a portion of what you paid for this reading towards your phone reading with me.

Akashic Records & Angel Insight Email Reading




After your purchase you will be taken to a page where you can submit your question. Thank you!

Thank YOU so much Maryann!  You have helped me so much with these readings.  I’m feeling great, so much better than before our readings! I know the messages I’m getting are real, accurate and extremely helpful in terms of gaining clarity and helping me to zero in on what I should be focusing on and helping me release what I need to let go of.

Very powerful!
I’m going to go back and listen to both of my readings. I’m just amazed at how you can actually see my guides and mentors come forward and deliver you messages in pictures or words….and it’s all so crystal clear. I love it!
You are truly gifted! 🙂
Cheryl C