EFT for Clearing

Emotional Freedom Technique

You can use EFT for anything, from addictions, to food cravings, to emotional distress, to repeated energy patterns and limiting beliefs.

In this example below we are using food cravings.

EFT for weight loss

EFT Tapping points

Here you can substitute any craving (or any issue) that you may be having , it’s important to use words that resonate with you.

If you are craving chocolate (or chips, or a cookie or cake),  bring the actual food in the room with you when you are tapping.  Have it in front of you while you are working through the tapping sequence.  Notice how effective EFT is for eliminating your craving even when the food you’re craving is in front of you!

Here are your documents to download:

EFT Description

EFT Points Illustration

EFT Basic Recipe-2013


The first video shows me tapping on the global issue.  The global issue is the

symptom, like the chocolate craving, or stress eating, or overeating.  The core issue or

core event is what lies beneath.  The second video shows how to tap going deeper - tapping on the core issue. When you clear the core events /issues that are at the heart of your global issue or symptom, it generally clears the symptom completely.  Very often there are more than one core issue beneath a global symptom.  Discovery is the key to uncovering what’s at the heart of your eating habits, obsessions, and addictions.



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