The Narcissist and the Gifts for Us

Why are facing the wave of narcissism and what are the Spiritual gifts? Here are a couple Facebook Livestreams I’ve recorded to share the wisdom from my Akashic Guides on this topic.  ...

Visibility, Passion, and Soul Purpose

Join us for the Free Power Up & Shine Visibility Challenge on Jan 29th, sign up here: Download the 6 Secrets to Visibility here:

Opportunity Knocks When Your Opportunity Guide is By Your Side

Have you ever had those incredible synchronicities happen in your life where you feel like there’s some grand Magician in the heavens who’s orchestrating a series of events seemingly just for you? Well these events aren’t random. The opportunities or...

The 2016 US Election & The Rising of the Divine Feminine

Yes, America really did elect Donald Trump on November 8, 2016. As you were sitting in your cozy living room chair on the morning of November 9, sipping your coffee, you may have been thinking about what transpired the night before, asking yourself if it could be...

5 Surprising Facts About Soul Contracts

You may have heard of phrase ‘Soul Contracts’ before, but when you think of the word ‘contract’, does it bring to mind those pesky cel phone carrier contracts and the expense and hassle of breaking those contracts even when the coverage and service is horrendous? Well I there’s 5 Surprising Facts regarding soul contracts that will make you think differently.