Angel Card Readings

angelcard highpriestessMany times you come to crossroads, or you’re not sure if you’re headed on the best path.

An Angel Card Reading can help you make those decisions which are in your highest self’s best interests.

The nice thing about Angel Cards, is that they do not have any scary images or messages, they are always uplifting and right on point.

They do not give a definitive outcome, because the future is NOT set in stone.

What an Angel Card Reading will give you is:

  • ┬áConfirmation of the path you’re on, and whether it’s in your best interest
  • The best path(s) to take give the current circumstances
  • Some positive ways to handle a situation in your life
  • Life purpose questions
  • Relationship Guidance
  • What you need to know regarding a situation and how to overcome obstacles you may be facing.
  • Current energy flow

Angel card readings are 45 minutes and you can schedule by clicking on link below:
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If you’d like to dive deeper in the wisdom at the soul level and to learn about soul contracts and possible ancestral or past life influences, then an Akashic Records Reading would be better in this case.

You can click here to learn about Akashic Records.


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