Angel Card Reading Bonanza

Sorry the Angel Card Reading Bonanza registration is now closed.

If you’d like a private reading, please schedule HERE

Are you desiring some clarity? 

Do you have a decision you need to make and would like to know which path is for your highest good?

Are you unsure about a relationship?

Need some Inspiration?


Love, Life, Business, Career, Relationships, Education…

You name it, we’re having an Angel Card Reading Bonanza this Saturday (August 18th at 10am PST) by web or phone.


Here are the details:

Everyone on the call will have the opportunity to have at least one question answered. The call will be 90 minutes. If time allows I may be able to answer more than one question per person. If you can’t make the live call, you can email me your question and I will answer it on the call. The call will be recorded so you will receive the link to the recording.

In addition to personal readings, I will be doing a general reading as well for the group, since there is always a collective group energy and message.

*These readings are not Akashic Readings, they are Angel card readings, Goddess Readings, Energy of the Situation Readings. For deep soul questions like soul contracts, past life implications, etc. it would be better to schedule a private Akashic Reading with me. Click here to schedule.

Still have questions if this Reading bonanza is right for you? Feel free to Contact me 


Sorry, the Reading Bonanza registration is now Closed. If you’d like a private reading please schedule Here