Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?


booksThe Akashic Records are the recorded memory of every Soul in the Universe. Everything that was chosen, experienced, and felt, is recorded and kept forever in the Akashic Records, for each and every Soul.

When we decided to be born into the physical, a field of energy was created to record every thought, word, emotion and action generated by that experience. This energy field is the Akashic Records.
The Sanskrit word Akasha means “ether” and everything is imprinted in this etheric field known as the Akashic Records.



By accessing the Akashic Records we are able to identify where a certain habitual pattern originated, and we gain clarity and understanding as to why we are going through a specific situation in our lives. Gaining knowledge from the Soul’s perspective, a Spiritual Healing takes place.

Many times just by accessing the Records a subtle healing occurs. The profound knowledge of your Soul’s purpose on this planet, and knowledge of certain soul contracts and agreements opens the path for healing. And other times additional healing and clearing work is needed and is recommended by your Guides in the Akashic Records.


When accessing your Akashic Records it will be easier to clear energy patterns and emotional charges of specific events in your life.

Often times your Guides will instruct us as to the best clearing method for you for your specific issue. Other times, simply by having the knowledge that you will gain by entering your records, will clear the energies that need clearing.

Clearing is the most important aspect to Spiritual Growth. When we live in the physical, it’s easy for lower frequency energies to get attached to our field. The physiology of the mind and body, also support repetitive patterns.

These repetitive patterns can be helpful, but they can also create a lot of dysfunction and turmoil in our lives. Take for example emotional eating. One time in your life, you reacted to stress by eating. That event triggered a new neuropathway to be formed, and over time this new pathway (when stressed - you react by eating) became more and more deeply engrained in your body/mind, and in time it became an automatic response. Your nerve cells are triggered, and they fire and travel down this path, resulting in your automatic response to eat under stress. The longer the physical / neurological pattern exists, the more likely it will take hold in your energy field as well.

Clearing these types of responses from the physical/neurological and from your energy field, or clearing an ancestral energy pattern, or an emotionally charged event from past lifetimes is the key to eliminating the problem. Gaining a deeper knowledge from the Soul’s perspective helps us to choose the best clearing method as well.



When we heal the past on the subconscious, energetic, and soul levels, we change our current paradigms and create new realities!

Transformation takes place when we are able to clear old patterns, clear emotional triggers, and clear wounds from the past.

95% of what we do, say, think, and feel are a series of conditional programs. We basically operate on automatic pilot. This is the primary reason why change can be so difficult for people.

We see it all the time - we lose weight only to gain it back, we quit smoking only to start up again after a major stressful event. We keep attracting the same destructive people in our lives, or we continue attracting an all too familiar unwanted energy pattern.

In order to transform on the physical we must heal and clear in the subconscious and energetic levels. Akashic Records consultations are profound catalysts for transformation.


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Thank YOU so much Maryann!  You have helped me so much with these readings.  I’m feeling great, so much better than before our readings! I know the messages I’m getting are real, accurate and extremely helpful in terms of gaining clarity and helping me to zero in on what I should be focusing on and helping me release what I need to let go of.

Very powerful!
I’m going to go back and listen to both of my readings. I’m just amazed at how you can actually see my guides and mentors come forward and deliver you messages in pictures or words….and it’s all so crystal clear. I love it!
You are truly gifted! 🙂
Cheryl C.