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Intuitive Healer ~ Akashic Records Consultant ~Spirit Mentor

My Story

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Hi I’m Maryann Candito, Spirit Mentor & Empowerment Coach. I help women to activate and awaken their Divine Feminine power fearlessly, so they can rise up with confidence, lead authentically, and change the world with passion and heart, thus helping to raise the consciousness of the planet. To receive your complimentary Divine Feminine Journey to Awakening Scroll complete with activation mantras visit  

The reason I became an intuitive healer and empowerment coach was due to my own personal challenges. For years I have struggled with, self confidence issues, money, and career success to name a few. These struggles taught me so much, and the lessons have been incredibly valuable. Facing these issues had triggered me to do something about them, but not using the conventional wisdom of the day, but using Spiritual wisdom, because Spiritual Wisdom is more effective than any business plan, or “how to” book. Through using Spiritual tools, such as Akashic Records work, Divine Feminine Power mantras, EFT, Guided imagery, intuitive energy healing, attraction techniques,  combined with aligned strategic action plans,  I have overcome many of my struggles, and I’ve helped my clients to Rise Up, be more fulfilled, and create positive change in their lives and businesses. 

If you’d like to explore ways in which I can help you transform your life and or your business, contact me here 

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Some Love from Clients

Thank YOU so much Maryann!  You have helped me so much with these readings.  I’m feeling great, so much better than before our readings! I know the messages I’m getting are real, accurate and extremely helpful in terms of gaining clarity and helping me to zero in on what I should be focusing on and helping me release what I need to let go of.

Very powerful!
I’m going to go back and listen to both of my readings. I’m just amazed at how you can actually see my guides and mentors come forward and deliver you messages in pictures or words….and it’s all so crystal clear. I love it!
You are truly gifted! 🙂
Cheryl C

I came to Maryann with several different issues, things I had been struggling with and working on for years with a variety of different modalities, but just wasn’t able to clear. After my EFT sessions with Maryann I saw immediate, deep, and lasting change that I didn’t realize was possible. I am simply amazed at the results of my sessions,  I have experienced literally life-changing transformations. Maryann is truly gifted and I now consider her my go-to healer! Maryann, thank you so much for your work!!

Beth N.

I came to Maryann to help me clear blocks surrounding client attraction. After only one session with her, we have signed up 12 members in five weeks. My Health Coaching business is beginning to expand. I now have clients asking me about signing up, and I don’t even have to initiate the conversation! I have gotten very positive feedback on my attitude and openness to connect with clients. So now, instead of worrying about my business, I am now busy putting together proposal’s for all these new and returning clients!


Malcolm Washington

Owner, Hardcore Studios

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