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You may have heard of phrase ‘Soul Contracts’ before, but when you think of the word ‘contract’, does it bring to mind those pesky cel phone carrier contracts and the expense and hassle of breaking those contracts even when the coverage and service is horrendous?

That was my first thought when I began to learn about soul contracts. I thought a soul contract was a binding agreement, and there must be repercussions if I didn’t fully abide by them. Well after spending much time in my Akashic Records, as well as the Records of my clients, communicating with Guides  I have learned a great deal about soul contracts and here are some surprising facts about them: (Passages in italics are channeled messages from my Guides)



1. Soul Contracts can be broken or modified with zero consequences.

I was quite surprised by this as I have always thought that if you didn’t learn your “lesson” you would come back in another lifetime to relearn the lesson, well apparently that’s not always the case.

“Soul contracts are agreements. They are unlike contracts in your physical world, as whereby if you break a contract there are repercussions. If you break, amend, or modify a soul contract, there are absolutely no repercussions. There is no shame or disappointment from our perspective. This is the beauty of free will. In addition, it is always your option whether or not to revisit this same agreement again in a future incarnation.”

2. Soul Contracts are not always for personal (human) growth or to learn a lesson. Many times it’s just for the experience of it. 

“Two or more souls can enter soul contracts or agreements to encourage a particular outcome. But you see the number of outcomes are infinite, whether you fulfill the contracts or not. We have seen many times souls change course and alter or break contracts to see what the trajectory will be. It’s similar to child’s play. The outcomes of these modifications are not always the intended purposes, but they do fall into the experience category, in which all souls choose to come into physical to experience events, feelings, situations, dynamics, and so on. This is not to say that all broken or modified contracts do not end up with the desired outcome, many times the desired outcomes have an interesting way of working themselves out.”

3. Your soul is perfect, there is no growth needed.
“You as a soul are perfect. There is no growth needed. However in the physical, each time you take a physical body you decide what you’d like to experience. Sometimes these experiences are for your human’s personal growth, because it’s something your soul wanted to experience. Taking a physical body is like taking a vacation or an adventure trip, and you plot out what you want to see, do, feel, experience. Sometimes souls decide to take the journey of having to overcome some horrific tragedy or they choose to overcome some immense personal struggle. But you see, this is not needed for your soul’s growth, merely the human experience that your soul wanted to take part in simply for the hands on experience of it.”

4. Regardless of trajectory of the completed, modified, or broken soul contract, every soul gains an experience that they were open to having.

“…every soul had gained an experience out of this arrangement, an experience that they were open to or one that they desired. Just as the actors in a play have small parts, many times they have more than one part in a particular play, although they appear in different scenes. This same scenario is how living in the physical realm is. They say art is imitation of life, well we say life is in imitation of art.”

5. You are in charge.

This one can be a little hard to wrap my head around, as sometimes I have felt that I was a victim of circumstance. But at the soul level I now see that I had been agreeable to all outcomes, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

“Some people think that there is a grand puppet master in the sky pulling the strings of all the inhabitants of Earth. That is incorrect. There are directors and producers, but in our case it is the actors who have all of the control. The producers and the directors are merely there to assist the actors, and helping to guide them, but at the end of the day it is always the actors who decide their next move.” 

I am always astounded and mesmerized when I work in the Akashic Records, there’s much more knowledge to be had and I’m eager to explore this knowledge further. I get the feeling that I am in for an amazing ride!

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