Rise Up, Awaken, & Shine!

Awakening the Authentic & Powerful Woman Within

Maryann Candito ~ Author, Spirit Mentor, Akashic Records Consultant, Intuitive Energy Healer


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You are Wise

You are Strong

You are Passionate

You are Magical

You are Heart Centered

You are Aware

You are Ever Evolving



…and Yet You know there is something burning inside of you waiting to be expressed.


As a Spiritual Woman living in a Physical Body at times you feel the boundaries, the limits, and the frustrations.

You have Soul contracts, that you don’t understand, which cause you pain or discomfort.

You have repetitive patterns of behavior keeping you stuck and unfulfilled.

The Patriarchal global consciousness feels like the beat of worn out drum, and you yearn to breakthrough the archaic madness.

You have a burning desire to help humanity rise up but unsure how to make a difference in the world, or how to be seen in a bigger way.




Inside of you there’s a woman living Passionately in her TRUTH









She is the Creatrix and the Healer.

She is the Warrioress and the Care Giver.

She is the Mystic and the Lover.

And she is the Shaman.



Are you ready to step into your feminine power to increase your confidence so you can make more of an impact in the world and …

Share Your Gifts with the World

Be Seen and Heard Authentically

Live Your Soul’s Purpose Brilliantly

Have the quality of life you want and deserve

Where Would You Like to Start?


Download Your Free Blocks to Brilliance Chakra Clearing Meditation 

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