3 Month Spirit Mentorship Program

Business ~ Career ~ Abundance Mentorship


In this Mentorship program we will focus on your abundance level and your business or career.

So many times when we follow standard cookie cutter formulas to grow our business or to uplevel our income, we see mediocre or even dismal results. Often, the reason this is true is because we are trying to achieve something (money, success, etc) coming from our ego or our head space. The missing piece of the puzzle is to integrate from your Soul level.

Your soul will always override your ego desires. That's why we hear so many people complaining that Law of Attraction doesn't work to their benefit, or it only works some of the time.

You must totally be aligned from you Soul, your Heart, and your Head.

When you gain clarity from the Soul's perspective, with the help of your Akashic Guides and Angel Guardians, you can actually formulate a plan that works.

You can find out what blocks may be at the heart of the situation and you can clear while in your Akashic Records, for a greater healing experience.

This is what we will do together!

Soulmate Attraction Mentorship


Why waste time barking up the wrong tree?

Wouldn't it be nice to know the best way to find and attract your Soulmate?

Wouldn't it be great to know what you need to clear to allow him or her in to your life?

Frequently, when searching for love, we repeatedly find and attract the same kind of person as the last relationship. Well if it didn't work the last time around then most likely that same energy you're attracting isn't going to work this time around either.

This is where Spirit Mentoring for Soulmate Attraction can be so powerful and life changing!

We will access help from your Akashic and Angelic Guides to have a deeper understanding of what's going on.

We will see, with more clarity, what exactly it is that needs to happen before you can attract the Soulmate of your dreams.

We will energetically clear anything standing in your way, and we will work on aligning you from your Soul level as well as from your Heart and Head!

Weight Release Mentorship


Weight Release Spirit Mentorship may just be the help you have been waiting for!

If diets haven't been working for you, or you lose weight, only to gain it back, then there's something deeper going on.

When you gain clarity from your Akashic and Angelic Guides, you find peace with where you are at the moment, and yet you gain a new perspective on some of the reasons you struggle with your weight.

You will gain a deeper connection to your soul and we will do energy clearing while in your Akashic Records for a deeper healing.

You will have an accountability partner in me, and we will work together to see that you achieve your goals and that you stay on track.

You will learn how to eliminate cravings, sabotage, and negative eating habits with powerful energy healing tools designed specifically for you by your Guides as well as tried and true methods that your Guides suggest!

Between me and your Guides you'll have a powerful support team, energy healers, and accountability partners!

Let's do this!

How it Works

For 3 months you, me, and your Guides will work together to help you achieve your goals, manifest your dreams, and/or to help you be more in alignment to your desires so that the Universe can deliver the goods!

Over the 3 month period you will receive:

  • 1 Initial Getting to Know you/Intention Setting Call - where I will learn about your desires, your challenges, and what you intend for this mentoring program. In this call we will set up our mentoring schedule.
  • 12 -  30 minute 1:1 phone/skype sessions with me that will consist of either Akashic Records work, energy healing/clearing work, coaching, strategizing, or a combination.
  • Weekly support materials as needed. (Can consist of guided meditations, videos, tapping scripts, healing tools, discovery worksheets, etc)
  • Unlimited email support


The regular fee for any of these Mentoring programs is normally $499 per month,


but for the first 10 people who register your cost will only be $297 per month!


You'll save $200+ per month (total savings over $600) if you register while I still have available space for the discounted price.


A FEW Spaces Available ~ Last call for Discounted Spirit Mentoring!

Career/Business/Abundance Mentorship


Soulmate Attraction Mentorship


Weight Release Mentorship Program


What Clients Are Saying


I came to Maryann to help me clear blocks surrounding client attraction. After only one session with her, we have signed up 12 members in five weeks. My Health Coaching business is beginning to expand. I now have clients asking me about signing up, and I don’t even have to initiate the conversation! I have gotten very positive feedback on my attitude and openness to connect with clients. So now, instead of worrying about my business, I am now busy putting together proposal’s for all these new and returning clients!


Malcolm Washington

Owner, Hardcore Studios

As a Private VIP client of Maryann, I cannot say enough about how much she has helped me gain deep clarity and focus in my life as a single person (again.)  Thank you Maryann for helping me see through the ‘mind’ fog!  I highly recommend her courses and private sessions!

Phillis Benson

Working with Maryann has made all the difference for me. I am down 20+ pounds, and I’m more focused and accountable. It’s so much easier now to stay on track. I’m more mindful, peaceful, and grounded. I have more motivation, and I’m looking good and feeling good. Not only did my weight and mindset shift, but my income has turned around too! Like Maryann says, ‘every area of our lives are connected, so when the shifts happens in one area, start to expect to see improvements in other areas of your life.’ And that has definitely been the case for me!

Lucy Stewart

Career/Business/Abundance Mentorship


Soulmate Attraction Mentorship


Weight Release Mentorship Program


Still unsure? Wondering if your desired dreams fit into one of these categories? Call me at 541-227-8295 and I can answer your questions.

The Fine Print

This program is a 3 month commitment towards your transformation and all sales are final. However, If after the initial getting to know you and intention setting call, you don't feel that we are a fit to work together, I will release you from this commitment, refund your first month's payment, and will not charge your card for the future installments.

Change takes time and commitment, commitment from both you and I. I will be there in your corner, as your guide, teacher, coach, healer, and cheerleader. I will wear a number of different hats in order to help you achieve what you set out to achieve. This is not a cookie cutter mentoring program. You and I will both work together to determine the course and direction or your mentoring, based on your needs, your circumstances, and what we uncover through our work together. Everything discussed is of strictest confidence.

Here's to your Transformation!



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